The Blessing of Your Praise

Do you remember that moment in church where you raised your hands for the first time? Do you remember trembling in fear that someone might see you? That timidity, or fear of what others think of you, is actually a polite term for self-centeredness.When you finally joined into the moment and lifted your hands, you felt release because suddenly it wasn’t about you anymore but about the one who really matters.

There are 7 Hebrew words for the word Praise. Yadah means to praise, thank, and worship with extended hands. When you raise your hands, you stand in agreement to the sound of heaven all around you. It is the heart posture of surrendering your own will and emotions and subjecting them to honor the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. As David would say, "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all of His benefits" (see Psalm 103). 

The job of a funnel is to allow an overflowing amount of something to be directed into a receptacle.When you raise your hands heavenward, your hands act as the funnel allowing God to pour Himself into your heart and spirit. God's spirit, His heart, His wisdom, His passion...they are overflowing gifts that He pours into you as you receive them.

Do you want to see God do big and mighty things in you and through you? Tune into heaven, lift your hands and your heads towards heaven, and receive what your Father has to impart into you so that you may be filled to the overflowing. And why to the overflowing? You don’t just want enough to fill your emptiness. You want more than enough so you can share the goodness of God with others. In this God will be praised and receive all the glory. Hallelujah! 


Photo Credit: Myself :) 

Photo Credit: Myself :)